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Automotive Training and Resource Site
The technical articles (courtesy of Toyota) provide ample information about engine operations. Three words: thank you Toyota. - Home of Rotary Enthusiasts
Largest forum about mazda rx-7 and rotary in general. Has technical sub-forums for each generation. Great place to ask questions about how to fix your car. - 2nd Generation RX7
Under how-to's and manual, one can find the Factory Service Manuals.

TeamFC3S... Second Gen RX-7 Performance Site
Pretty decent forum and the Factory Service Manuals.
Quite a bit of stuff for all three generations (how-to's, magazine articles, etc). Has the Factory Service Manuals under 2nd generation, things to read, and manuals.

The Second Generation RX-7 Tech. Info
A little bit of everything here for the 2nd generation: technical articles, how-to's, etc. The 2nd generation FAQ is there too.

Mazda RX-7 Links and FAQs
The 2nd generation FAQ is there.

The 2nd Generation Rx-7 Resource
A good how-to's section, in particular, on how to unflood an rx-7.

Greg Gibson Photography
In this well hidden page (go to Other Pages, Rx7 Archives), you will find a few how-to's, in particular, how to make your own air/fuel ratio gauge and pulse width monitor.

Yaw Power Products
Has a few interesting technical articles about the rotary engine.

Rotary Engine Illustrated
Great site if you are curious about how the rotary engine works. Has some great quicktime animations.

SureShot's FSM mirror site
SureShot kindly put the Factory Service Manuals on line for easy and fast access. Thanks SureShot.

f1blueRx7 's FSM mirror site
f1blueRx7 kindly put the Factory Service Manuals on line for easy and fast access. Thanks f1blueRx7.

Rotary Resurrection
Great site with in particular write-ups on how to pull the engine as a long block and to tear it down to small block form. A great place to get your precious engine rebuilt at a low price.


Renesis - Rotary Powered Rockets
Canadian RX-8 site.

L'amicale RX-7
French RX-7 club site.

Forums Mazda RX7
French RX-7 forum.

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