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To better understand and troubleshoot key systems such as fuel delivery, intake air, idle control, emissions, engine electrical, engine cooling, engine lubrication, and much more. Specifically geared toward the second generation (86-88 or S4) naturally aspirated (NA or non-turbo) MAZDA RX-7 (RX7).


The purpose of this site is to help fellow mazda rx-7 (rx7) owners have a better understanding of how their car works. You probably know that there exist various publications to help you troubleshoot malfunctions in your car's systems. These publications include the HAYNES manual and the factory service manual (FSM). Troubleshooting procedures found in these manuals are certainly well appreciated but it would be more useful to actually understand how a system that you are trying to check or repair actually functions. This is the purpose of this site, to actually explain how things work, not just explain how to find out if they work.

Since I own a 1987 sport mazda rx-7 (rx7), focus is given here to the 1986-88 normally-aspirated (NA) mazda rx-7 (rx7). Other mazda rx-7 (rx7) like the 1989-91 or the turbo versions have similar systems but, in some cases, the differences are quite large and care should be exercised when reading the material presented here if your vehicle is not an 86-88 NA.

The following serves as the usual disclaimer. The information provided here is to be used "as is". I cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your person or your car.

Sincerely, Ugo.

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